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Why Use PermaComb?

Thank you for your interest in PermaComb. The following lists just some of the advantages of using PermaComb and the reasons this product was created:


 Fully drawn plastic comb – NOT foundation.
The main honey flow is usually a few short months per year. The time it takes your bees to draw comb from foundation can be used to store honey. The bees require ~8 pounds of honey to produce one pound of wax. Avoid this penalty and increase your honey production 50%.

Impervious to wax moth and hive beetle larvae.
All wax comb is susceptible to destruction by these pests. Avoid the horrendous mess and destruction. Avoid poisoning your comb and honey by using PDB (paradichlorobenzene), wax moth crystals. Avoid the associated purchase cost of this chemical - forever.

Can be used for both brood and honey supers.
PermaComb will not ever break in an extractor. PermaComb is 100% worker cell size and the bees cannot alter its shape. Therefore you avoid unwanted drone comb and do not have to cull out and replace old comb.

Buy it once, buy it for life.
I am still using the same comb I purchased 28 years ago. PermaComb does NOT wear out. Avoid the cost of materials and having to clean, build/rebuild frames and install foundation. There are better things to do with your time. 

Will not absorb chemicals.
Using Apistan and Checkmite+ will not result in a build-up of the chemicals associated with these products over time. This is NOT true of wax comb.

Ready to use right out of the box.
No assembly required. Each case of PermaComb comes ready to implement into your environment

Available only in mediums.
Full depth honey supers are way too heavy to manipulate in 90+ F degree weather wearing a bee suit. Using medium supers is also much easier on the back.

Application note:
Plastic comb must be introduced to the bees in super lots for bee acceptance purposes. New PermaComb should not be mixed with wax combs

 Fully drawn plastic comb (FDA approved) - not foundation

One piece molded unit with its own ears

Cells fully drawn on both sides at a normal cell angle

Virtually indestructible

Smaller cell results in decreased Varroa

Longevity - buy it once / buy it for life

No assembly required-ready to use right out of box

Fast extracting speeds

Increased honey production per hive (50%)

Will not absorb chemicals

Is boilable / Steam cleanable

Unaffected by high-pressure water hose

Impervious to Wax moth/hive beetle larvae

Made of 100% worker sized cells

Can be used for both honey and brood supers

No acceptance problem by bees

Guaranteed for 10 years except for the ears