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Try Fully Drawn Plastic Frame, "Permacomb"

  Permacomb is a product that is quickly becoming the wave of the future in beekeeping. This product has been around for over 20 years and until now has been mostly hidden from the vast majority of beekeepers. 

  It is a fully drawn comb in FDA approved plastic that slides right into your hive. While it probably sounds too good to be true, it has been tested and used by some beekeepers for many years and the benefits are continuing to be discovered.

   Some of the biggest benefits are the major decrease in mite infestations. As you know, mites that thrive in the beeswax, now have only plastic and are unable to fully colonize deep in the comb.

   Another great advantage is how quickly this allows bees to begin producing. It has been shown in studies to increase honey production by as much as 50% in every frame.

  Extremely durable composition makes them a very smart choice. Our motto is buy it for life. Where you may invest a little more to switch over to Permacomb, it will last you forever. Just check out our youtube videos to see how it holds up to being driven over and how it holds up to a shotgun blast.   jeep  shotgun

Next concern i am sure all beekeepers would have is that there is no way bees would accept this stuff, or how much work is it to get it ready to introduce. Well, still no catch there either. Below is another video of bees accepting it with nothing added to the frames, just after install and better yet if you check out our facebook page, customers are posting their videos of extracting the honey from Permacomb. 

   Our newest idea for Permacomb is also proving to be another GREAT use for Permacomb in the winter. Beekeepers have discovered that by taking frames of Permacomb, they can take pollen patties and sugar and turn a frame into a feeder that can be inserted directly into the hive to help them survive the long cold winter. From what I have been hearing from our users, they use about the middle third of a frame and push pollen patty into the comb, than mix sugar with just enough water to make it into a paste and fill the rest with that. This can give your bees that little bump of food to help make it over the hump of winter.

So for a quick recap, you can get 50% more honey, reduced mites, a product that lasts forever, easier extraction of the honey and happier bees