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USA Plastic hive Frames
-Only- $8.00

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USA Plastic hive Frames

 Drawn Hive frames – NOT a foundation. The main honey flow is usually a few short months per year. The time it takes your bees to draw...

International Plastic hive Frames
-Only- $8.00

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International Plastic hive Frames

 For the lowest SHIPPING RATE only order 100 pieces or less per order. Fedex charges freight rates for weights higher than 100 pieces. We are...

Why Permacomb?

PermaComb is a fully-drawn plastic comb that single handily will increase your honey output, protect your hive, and is ready to use right out of the box. Avoid the cost in materials and having to clean, build/rebuild frames and install foundation

Increase Production

Bees require 8lbs of honey to produce one pound of wax. Increase your honey production 50%.

Eliminate Hive Insects

Avoid the horrendous mess and destruction. Avoid poisoning your comb and honey by using PDB

No Chemical Buildup

Using Apistan and Checkmite+ will not result in a build-up of the chemicals overtime

Ready To Use

No assembly required. PermaComb comes ready to implement into your environment

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